Need help unlocking TMobile phone to use with Deutsch Telekom


    I have a paid for IPhone 6s that was purchased last year from TMobile in the US. We had no contract, just paid per month. I moved to Germany and asked Deutsch Telekom if it's okay to use the TMobile phone here. They assured me it was and I would just need a new SIM card for Germany. I signed up for a 2 year contract (3GB/month) and they provided me with my new number and paperwork but installed the new SIM card and it doesn't work because the phone says it's locked to the TMobile side. How to unlock it? I can't call the 800 number from here, as I have no use of the phone yet and I don't know a stranger that will let me use their phone to rack up international phone charges. I could not find an email to contact and the message customer service feature won't let me sign up using my old US number. How do I unlock my phone for use with Telekom?

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