How do you create a review for everyone to see, besides just t-mobile users?


    T-Mobile is a company, that unfortunately, I will never recommend to another person.  While their service has become slightly better, we have been working for 2-3 months trying to get our bill resolved. Our free phones, were no free!!!!  My husband has called on what now will be 5 occasions trying to get them to resolve the billing issue we have had since November and each time, someone swears they will get it resolved and we should be credited all the money that they have stolen from us.  We are now more than $1100.00 in being overcharged, in last 5 months.  I cannot even begin to explain how disappointing this is considering we have been with T-Mobile since 1992.  This company was rated no.1 in ethical integrity.  I call BS.  I have removed automatic payment, due to the fact, that they continue to charge our account and refuse to fix the problem, but with that done, I will now be charged an extra $20 per month.  Are you kidding????

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        Are you looking at the detailed billing or the condensed billing. Not all discounts show up on the condensed billing is what I noticed.

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          This is a real shame we've left you with this impression. You're a long time customer and I'm really surprised it's taken that much time to get the bill taken care of. Anyone can see this message you've written, however I think the most important thing is making sure your bill is taken care of. I'm curious if you've reached a resolution for this. Please reply back and let us know. My apologies for this taking some time, but  we appreciate you posting here and letting us know.

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey timmald, thank you for posting.  I'm sorry to read that there are inconsistencies with your bill - I feel like based on the tenor of this post and the dollar amount you mentioned, it's safe to say that this is a serious problem.  We don't want you overcharged by a few dollars, but definitely not by over $1000. 
            That said, the Support Community is a public user forum - so Community Managers like my colleagues and I aren't able to verify account information and take a look to get to the bottom of an issue like this.  It sounds like you were participating in one of the recent trade-in promotions, and I promise you there are escalation processes in place for issues with promotional EIP bill credits, if that's what's missing on your bill.  I know you mentioned that your husband has called repeatedly to correct this, but if you could I would love to recommend reaching out to our T-Force team via PM or DM on Facebook or Twitter.  Through those social media channels we are able to securely authenticate your account details and work to research what's happening with your bill, and alert the appropriate offline team if needed.  I can't imagine how this hasn't been fixed with all of the contact you mentioned, and I know you may be exhausted at this point, but since we can't review the matter here and it seems like online support might work for you, I feel like it can't hurt to recommend them.
            Ultimately, this forum belongs to users and we welcome all feedback here - positive or negative.  I don't blame you for the frustration you're feeling, since the experience you're describing would leave me frustrated, too.  I hope you'll give us another chance to see what needs to be done to make this right. 


            - Marissa

              • barcodeable

                Actually, there are many Forums online that are T-Mobile subject based in nature and is seen by everyone who searches the internet. I actually post, read, and gather information from sites that I visit to help me make decisions concerning my T-Mobile Plan. And one of the websites i visit had gained the attention of an actual T-Mobile Employee who attempted to explain a particular situation to me. I will not post the name of these sites here on this forum, but if you search online... I'm confident you will find what you are looking for. You may even see a bunch of my post as well. I use different online names on these forums but the people who read my post here will see the similarities of my other post on other sites .


                and i'm truly sorry about your ordeal and I hope T-Mobile can fix the problem you are having . All of us users here on this forum have had our own share of problems. And I was also overbilled for "FREE LINES" and after 2 phone calls complaining to customer service and sending several messages to the Twitter T-Force reps.... I finally got credited what they owed me. Im currently waiting for 1 or 2 bill cycles to pass so I can observe my account to make sure everything had been truely taken care of. And based on T-Mobile owing you over $1,000 back in credits.... depending on your plan ... it appears you may be Paid In Full for the next several months + whatevever they decide to give you as an apology.