Poor coverage with Verizon phone brought over to Tmobile.


    We brought over 4 lines from Verizon.  We bought one new Galaxy S7 phone from the T-mobile store.  The other 3 phones were unlocked Galaxy S5 phones that all were working flawlessly before the switch.


    We have discovered that the (3) S5 phone get poor reception/signal where the S7 gets good reception right next to it.  Also, the GPS now works very poorly and does not locate the location well where the S7 is perfect.  As I said, the S5 phones worked perfectly before we switched.  Is there some settings or changes that need to be made to make the S5 phones work well again.  Quite frustrated that bringing over phones has not worked out well.


    My son goes to school on an island and he can not get calls or texts from us all day until he is back on the ferry coming home.


    Buying 3 new phones is not really an option right now.


    Thanks for any help.

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      • dragon1562

        Long story short your Galaxy S5's lack support for a large chunk of T-mobile's network. Thats why the S7 will have excellent reception while the Verizon phone(s) will have poor signal compared to the T-mobile S7 which supports all the currently deployed tech across T-mobile's network.


        I know that you mentioned that buying phones isn't really a option but its your only real option to resolve the coverage that your facing in this situation. You could buy some of T-mobile's cheaper devices it doesn't have the be a S7 to see improved reception.


        You just need a phone that supports bands 2, 4, and 12.

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          • rbarr110

            Well after doing a little internet research, I can root the phone then edit lines of code that will supposedly enable the other bands.


            Will try that before buying a new phone.  If I brick it, oh well, best solution otherwise is to buy a phone.  No loss in the end.

              • dragon1562

                regardless there are hardware limitations of the s5. Its still missing band 12. However its your own device and hopefully it will end up being the solution your looking for.


                What you should do though is download LTE discovery on the s7 and see what band it connects to when your in a area that the s5 has poor service. If the s7 is connecting to band 12 then there isn't much you could do and you would therefore be better off using the s5 as a trade in device or selling it.

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            • tmo_marissa

              Hey rbarr110!  I'm sorry to hear that your VZ S5s haven't worked as well with the network as we'd like - we're stoked that you switched but I wish you were having a better experience.  We're not able to offer support for software modifications like rooting as they void the warranty - but TBH with an S5 I believe it would be past the manufacturer's one year warranty at this point.  All things considered, there are definitely worse things you can do to your phone than root it - I don't know if you've ever seen any of those crazy phone demolition videos on the old YouTube but they make me downright uncomfortable.  I feel like it's not likely a setting error since you've got the S7 working flawlessly, but I want to double check and make sure you had a chance to take a look at the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setup guide all the same.  How is everything going?


              - Marissa