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    Hello. I got it on ebay iphone, the proprietor claimed that the phone was unlocked. As it turned out, the phone was locked on t-mobile. Prodovets refuses to assist in unlocking the phone, still claims that it is unlocked. I want to know how to unlock the phone so that I can use it in Russia with Russian mobile operators. Thank you in advance for your support. Imei: 359168070308731

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      • theartiszan

        Re: Unlock iphone

        That imei doesn't show in T-Mobile imei tool. Are you sure it is locked to them?  Usually that means T-Mobile didn't sell it.

        If it is a T-Mobile lock and being you are not a customer,  you will not be able to get it unlocked by T-Mobile. You will need to find a site online that you can purchase an unlock from.

          • kazakov

            Re: Unlock iphone

            Serial No. F4GS8ENKHG6W

            Activation Policy Details

            Operation Id: CY3uRyBjVHqqlxMLYrfS3

            Applied Activation Details: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy

            Applied Activation PolicyID: 4000 

            Bluetooth Mac Address:

            First Unbrick Date: 18/09/16


            IMEI Number: 359168070308731

            Initial Activation Policy Details: US Reseller Flex Policy

            Initial Activation Policy ID 

            Last Restore Date:

            Last Unbrick Date :

            Mac Address :

            MEID : 35916807030873 

            Next Tether Policy Details : US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy 

            Next Tether Policy ID : 2136

            Part Description: iPhone 7 

            Product Version: 10.3

            Unbricked : false 

            Unlock Date:

            Unlocked : false

            I thought the seller can call t-mobile support and he will be able to sort this out. And he said the phone is now yours and this is your problem.

              • theartiszan

                Re: Unlock iphone

                If the seller is unwilling then there is nothing T-Mobile can do. The original owner is the only one that can work with T-Mobile to get it unlocked through them. Unless the seller can see if they meet the requirements for unlock and work with T-Mobile to do so,  your only option would be to find a service online to buy the unlock from.