May be new bug on macOS version of DIGITS


    Hi there,


    I haven't experienced this before, but had this issue this afternoon (April 2nd, Sunday) after I downloaded the new version of DIGITS on macOS (to be clear, the install file that I used is T-Mobile_DIGITS_0.2.11.dmg).


    My mac was in a sleep mode when I received a call from a line not associated with DIGITS to the primary line on my account, which is associated with DIGITS that was also registered in the mac to receive and make calls. Since the mac was in sleep mode, I did not get any call here. The conversation was complete on the normal phones, and both caller and receiver had hung up the lines. A few minutes after that, I had to wake up my Mac for something else, and the incoming call now comes in -- a banner on top as well as ringtone -- and I had no ability to close the banner and stop the ringtone. I was clicking back and forth on other applications that were open in the Mac, but just couldn't stop anything. But a few minutes later again, the Answer / Decline dialog box appeared on the bottom right, and I was out of it.


    This is annoying to the core -- the first thing I did is uninstall the DIGITS app from macOS, since Mac is my official computer, and I don't want to be disturbed while on business sharing my screen with client and being on conference calls etc.


    Please fix this ASAP, and I would like to see a new version of macOS DIGITS soon. Thanks for your help

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