Are you able to preorder the Galaxy S8 in store?


    I'm just wondering, if you're able to preorder there Galaxy S8 in store?


    The reason I'm asking is because for some reason UPS, FedEx, and USPS all seem to have problems delivering a package to my house every single time. What happens is, they deliver it to the wrong address, or they claim that they can't find my address(in this day in age with GPS, shaking my head lol). So I honestly do not want to deal with the hassle because sometimes it can take a few days to a week until I receive the package. Or I don't even receive it at all(so I don't want to take a chance) because of this.


    Second is because I rather pay the Jump down payment in cash, and not put it on my card. Or have the Jump down payment billed to my account and then pay it when the bill is due.

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      • tmo_chris

        These are great questions and totally valid concerns. You can preorder the device in the store but the shipping would still be to your home or another address of your choosing. They will not be able to have the device shipped to the store for you to pick up unfortunately. If you preorder the device in a store, you can pay the down payment in cash but there is no option to have the down payment billed to your account.

          • abc1230

            Honestly what I thought is that you can pre order it at the store, and then on lunch they pick it up at the store. Like when you pre order a video game console or game for example. I'm probably going to have it shipped to a family member's house, that lives relatively close to me. Because I don't want to take a chance that it doesn't arrive to me at all.