Has T-Mobile decided to [re]enable Band 12 reception on the Huawei Honor 5x?


    The Honor 5x is a TREMENDOUSLY popular unlocked phone that works beautifully on T-Mobile... except that a T-Moble firmware update explicitly disabled Band 12 (according to many discussions/reviews in 2016). There aren't any recent updates on the topic; The research seems to indicate that the status remains the same: Although the Honor 5x is capable to receive Band 12 (in 700MHz) on other providers, T-Mobile has disabled it via firmware.


    I'd like to bring my mother onto my new tmo service and let her use my old Honor 5x. However, my mom live on the edge of her town, and certainly would need something with Band 12 ability for T-Moble to have a good signal for her.


    PLEASE tell me that T-Moble has [re]enabled and updated to Band 12 for the Honor 5x. Thanks!

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      • tmo_chris

        So this is a tough one. We require that phones using Band 12 LTE 700 to also support E911 and VoLTE in order to be certified on our network. This requirement is for our customers overall experience as well as their safety. If you are not able to get LTE 700 on your phone, it is most likely because it does not support E911 or VoLTE. Every device manufacturer has the option to enable E911 and VoLTE or to not enable it on a specific device. While it is ultimately their decision, we hope that every manufacturer chooses to support these features and be certified on our network.