alabama coverage 2017?


    I was just wondering if there was information available to what upgrades to the network/coverage are on tap for 2017 in Alabama?  I travel a lot in rural areas and this would be very helpful....thank you..

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        Re: alabama coverage 2017?

        They don't have any timelines or anything. They can give all their plans due to regulations and any event something happens.  So they don't give any timeline in the event people may treat them like promises.


        If you check what spectrum auctions and purchases you can get an idea of where they plan on working.

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        • stevetjr

          Re: alabama coverage 2017?

          Here is a link to a map that while not official T-Mobile is pretty accurate regarding especially TMO's Band 12 spectrum. 


          Map of T-Mobile's 700 MHz spectrum


          I am in NW Georgia about 45-60 minutes from Alabama and have traveled to Birmingham quite a few times and can tell you for hte most part I have had reliable coverage with only a few dead spots.  Now I haven't been there since they obtained and per the map showing B12 sightings in that corridor so what few very limited holes I experience should easily be covered.


          The one area I know they are more limited (for now) and while they have service via their own limited spectrum, partner or roaming is the SW corner around Mobile and Biloxi.  This is because a lot of the spectrum in Mississippi and that corner was gobbled up by other carriers or investment companies so was very limited for TMO.  Based on their stated goals for the 600Mhz auction I would assume this was a high priority market for them in the auction.

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