Is anyone experiencing calls getting dropped after the nougat update?


    I downloaded the nougat update today for my HTC One M9 and all 6 calls that I made were dropped after several minutes of talking.


    Is there a proper explanation for this, and is there a solution to this problem? Before the suggestion is made, I've already restarted my phone after the update. 


    I would appreciate any help I can get; I make phone calls regularly for work, and after a day I've already experienced how frustrating it can get.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        This is quite surprising to hear this happening exsoccer91. Are the dropped calls happening with one or a few specific numbers? Also, are the dropped calls happening in a specific area? Restarting the device after an update is a great step however, a complete factory reset may be needed  if this only happened after the update. You may also want to test calls without downloading your info back to the phone first to see if they still drop.

          • exsoccer91

            Hi Mike,


            Since my first post, I've reset the phone numerous times, and it seemed to resolve itself after several resets.  I still get dropped calls here and there, but not nearly as bad as the first day, where every call seemed to get dropped regardless of location or how much service I had.  If the problem persists past today, I'll consider updating my post but until then I'll consider this resolved.



            Pindevil, try resetting your phone throughout the day.  Don't reset it several times in one sitting.  Reset it once, try calling someone for an extended period of time, then wait a little bit until you reset it again.  It wasn't until a day or so into my regular resets where I started to see significantly less drops in the calls I made.  If that doesn't work, then a factor reset, which Mike suggested, might be needed.

          • pindevil

            Yes. I am also experiencing the same issue with my M9. Calls have dropped like crazy. Almost every single call has issues. Sometimes the person on the other end can hear me but i can't hear them. Sometimes the call just drops completely. This never happened prior to the most recent update.