Galaxy S3 on LineageOS 14.1.  Recently can't receive group SMS.  Regular text and calls work fine.


    This is a Galaxy S3 I9300 (international version) that I've had on T-Mobile (happily and with no problems) for years.


    I've been running CyanogenMod for ages on this phone, and after they closed up and LineageOS took up development I switched to that.  Everything's been working great until recently.  I'm not sure of when it started but I can't download group texts.  As noted in the subject line, calls and regular one-to-one texts work fine.


    Details, in case they're important:

    LineageOS 14.1 (nougat 7.1.1) built on 2017-03-29 (updated to see if that helped, it didn't)

    Using OpenGApps also built on 2017-03-29 (also updated to see if it helped)


    Using Google Messages for SMS app.


    I checked my APN and it's set to T-Mobile US LTE

    There's also a T-Mobile MMS entry in the list, but I don't know if it's settings are right... it's enabled (and that's grayed out) but I don't know if the other settings are right. 


    Username, password, authentication type are all "Not Set", along with a bunch of others.


    Any ideas of where to look?

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