Hi everyone!! I have some important questions regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 and would be deeply appreciative if someone could answer them.


    So basically I have 2 main questions:

    1. Will the S8 for T-mobile be the same hardware wise as the other 3 carriers skus(other then the preinstalled bloat of course) or will the T-mobile S8 lack access to specific bands?

    - For example with the Iphone 7 this year there was two varients one with the Intel modem that lacked support for CDMA based networks and one with the Qualcom modem. I'm asking if a similar case will occur here


    2. What will be the difference between the US S8 and the International one other than the CPU being used. Will the international version be able to take advantage of T-mobile network?


    3. Why is T-mobile the only carrier not being supported by stores like best buy for the pre-order of the device.



    I have other questions as well that are less important so feel free to answer these as well:

    - Whats the best way to go about buying the phone?(i.e outright, jump, etc)

    - How good is T-mobile about rolling out updates.

    - Does T-mobile turn off any features like AT&T has done in the past with phone that they branded.

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