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    Just pre-ordered the Galaxy S8 with Jump on Demand and the lady on the phone kept telling me about a 20 dollar fee for the sim card and shipping. Told her I thought it was free overnight shipping. She said there was. Told her I didn't need the SIM card and she had me hold on a minute. Told me I'd be charged the 20 bucks when it was ready to ship, but that she'd credit it back and I wouldn't need to call back to get that credit. Anyone have more info on this?

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        Thats an upgrade fee.  Phone orders and any order where CS helps you upgrade is a charge of $20.  In store also.  Usually free if you do it yourself, but the system tries to tack on a $20 SIM.  You might can bypass that fee with promo code FreeSim, or such, if the promo is open.  Otherwise, take the $20 credit.

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          Re: Upgrade Support Charge JoD

          That's correct ryan97006. The $20 you're seeing on that image you posted is charged when folks don't choose one of our self-service options to make an upgrade purchase. Purchasing online, for example, shouldn't charge you that fee.

            • ryan97006

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              Do you actually work for T-Mobile? I'm so confused with all the misinformation.


              • Zero upfront—switch to a new phone whenever you want, up to 3x a year, and pay nothing up front for base model of devices (ie: the 16GB model of iPhone 6s), for well-qualified buyers.
              • Zero at upgrade—never pay to upgrade—just trade in your eligible phone.
              • Zero waiting—why wait 2 years to upgrade when you don't have to?

              Phone Upgrades | Compare Upgrades on JUMP! & JUMP! On Demand | T-Mobile


              There's no way to use self service for Jump on Demand

                • wtssuperpower

                  Re: Upgrade Support Charge JoD

                  Jump On Demand upgrades are exempt from the Upgrade Support Charge after the initial set up of Jump On Demand.

                  So, if you were already on JOD and are performing an upgrade to another JOD device, the charge is systematically waived.

                  My experience mirrors your own in that, apparently, it takes a credit to get that done......   m'kay.

                  In my case, the upgrade support charge was reimbursed with $20 credit to account due to web issues preventing me from following the 'self-help path' (I am not a JOD customer). 

                  Not sure if that helps put your mind at ease at all, but its what I can contribute.


                  • wtssuperpower

                    Re: Upgrade Support Charge JoD

                    Found this on the Phone Upgrades page for JOD:    (ive bolded the relevant text)

                    With the introduction of JUMP!, T‑Mobile rewired the wireless industry and eliminated the arbitrary 2-year sentence customers had to serve with a broken or outdated device. With JUMP! you’ll be able to upgrade into a new device and have that device protected with Premium Device Protection featuring AppleCare Services and Lookout Mobile Security®.

                    With JUMP! On Demand, the cost of your new smartphone includes the freedom to swap it for a new one whenever you want, up to 3x per year, no extra charge! Now, we’re taking JUMP! to a whole new level and introducing the world’s first phones on-demand service for customers who always want the latest and greatest smartphone whenever they want—zero upfront costs, zero upgrade charges, and zero waiting


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