hello! I' congolese and I'm living in DRCongo, there is my friend who gave me a phone NOKIA LUMIA 521 from USA, but I have it until last year and I can't us it because no sim card can fonctionne in. I'm looking a help to unlock it. my IMEI XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;  thank you to help me. I'm sorry because I'm don't speek english very good

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      • tmo_marissa

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        Hey vlukongo!  Thanks for reaching out - that was a kind gift for your friend to give you!  To unlock the phone, you would want to have your friend take a look at these requirements: Unlock your mobile wireless device.  If everything seems in order, they would simply need to Contact Us so that we could take a look at their postpaid account or Pay In Advance usage history and get the request filed for them!


        - Marissa