APN settings for Google Pixel XL - group text issues


    Can someone share how the APNs should be set for a Google Pixel XL? I am having intermittent issues with group texts that I suspect may be related to the cellular network APN settings based on searches I've done.


    The issues I'm having with group texts seem to be related to being on WiFi. In researching I've heard of similar issues occurring and it can be related to the the phone not properly handling MMS text messages when on WiFi. I have tried adjusting the APN settings on my phone noted in another discussion on this support forum as well as other websites, but is there anyone with a Google Pixel XL that could confirm what the APN settings should be for T-Mobile? My phone had three APN's after activating the phone:


    T-Mobile US 260

    T-Mobile US 260 IMS

    T-Mobile MMS


    The first two have a radio button that can be selected (one or the other). The first one is selected. The third one does not have the radio button. I'm not sure if this indicates it's always selected and cannot be deselected or is never selected and can't be.


    The initial issue I was experiencing was pictures and even texts without pictures on group messages showing as "downloading" and often failing to download. I believe this happened when I was on WiFi. I could usually disconnect from WiFi, restart the phone, and then manually click to download each message and they would then download. I can't be positive but any time I remember this happening I would have been on WiFi. It didn't happen all the time on WiFi though...just intermittently. Maybe more frequently on the Wifi at my place of employment than at on my WiFi at home.


    Now that issue isn't happening (may be related to adjusting some APN settings as noted in this chain) but now intermittently the messages I send on group messages are not being sent (nobody on the group message sees my texts), even though on my phone it appears they did send. What's particularly odd is my first couple messages in the group message could go through and others see it and then subsequent messages do not. It does appear this happens when I'm on WiFi as well, but I'm not certain it hasn't happened with WiFi off since it's extremely difficult to troubleshoot (I don't know that others are not getting my texts). Since it's so intermittent, I'm not sure if the APN settings could be in play or if those are wrong I wouldn't be able to send or receive any messages.


    I'll also note that I have had WiFi Calling turned on, but have cellular marked as preferred.


    I can provide the specific field values for all three APNs and even screenshots if that would be helfpul. I'm mainly trying to confirm what these settings should be. If someone could  share what their settings look like if you are not experiencing these issues that would be great too.



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