How is it I can't get a copy of my bill or usage???


    I just got off the phone with a very unhelpful (probably totally uninformed) customer service agent who told me I can't get access to my bill, and that I can't see my usage. Basically I'm all she can do is look it up on her side and give me an overview and I have to take her word for it!!!

    I was told all my minutes have been used up on a phone line I never use (I only have it for the data plan that I use a hotspot for my iPad when I'm not within wifi range). No one has the phone number (i.e. no one can possibly have called me on it) and I never use the phone. I asked to see the usage so I can see how these minutes were used, maybe there is a set-up I have on the iPad that triggers that, maybe its something else, but was told, no we don't have to give you that,  because "well, we're not the ones calling your friends and claiming to not know about it". Nice T-mobile!


    Any suggestions?

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