Just switched from Sprint and coverage is terrible. What's up?


    I made the switch for the same reason most, cost. Prior to doing so I checked all the coverage maps for areas that we frequent. All appeared to be covered. The truth is, my wife, while in an "4G LTE" area not only doesn't get 4g she doesn't have any reception at all. Not in her building or outside. Keep in mind I entered the specific address of her work into the coverage map. There are 19 days left in this billing cycle. This is a deal breaker and already looking for alternatives.

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      • drnewcomb2

        T-Mobile's idea of what constitutes "fair" coverage covers everything from "OK" to "Signal? What signal?" Are you within the 14 day "buyer's remorse" period? If so, take it all back to the store and give it back to them. Did you trade in your old Sprint phone? If so, you'll have to start over with another carrier. Sorry, the news isn't better.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hiya wrigley - I'm sorry to read that you were (understandably) less than thrilled with your wife's service after switching.  Having coverage near work, when the majority of us spend the majority of our time there, is a necessity. 
          When you switched, did you bring her old phone over, or get a new device?  In some 4G/LTE areas you need compatible equipment to pick up the particular band we're operating on, so if possible, we always recommend using the drop-down device selector on the coverage map to get the best idea of what you'll be working with. 
          Also, while drnewcomb2 is correct that we have no magic bullets (for service or blending fantastic after-party smoothies), we always recommend reaching out to our tech team if the coverage doesn't match the map to rule out any outages or potential issues with towers serving the address.  Did you have a chance to Contact Us

          Lastly - I understand that this may be too little, too late.  If that's the case, I'm sorry that we couldn't support your needs or get to you sooner on this forum.  If you've still got a bit of time, though, and you haven't tried working with tech already to ensure we've got the proper provisioning for you and that there's nothing wonky on this end, then please do!  We'd love to try to fix this before we see you go.


          - Marissa