New number given by T-Mobile has telemarketers calling all the time.....


    I had the unlimited text and data with 100 minutes and it is telling me that all the minutes are gone and we have hardly used them. Do all these Telemarketer calls count toward my 100 minutes?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey jgrant79!  Sorry to hear that this new number brought some unwanted callers along with it!  If you haven't had a chance yet, I'd definitely register the number with the National Do Not Call Registry.  Since your 100 minutes included with this plan are incoming/outgoing, it's possible that the telemarketer calls used some of your minutes if you answered the calls and spoke with them for a moment or two before realizing what was up.   Hopefully they didn't make too much of an impact on your call totals, and once your registration's been complete for a bit you should see them start to drop off.  After your number's been registered for a month, you can actually file a complaint with the FTC if you continue to receive calls from these types of companies. 


        - Marissa

        • miket

          Marissa -

          Even TM  has recognized That these "spam" calls are really bad.  That's why TM, this week is initiating 2 no cost way for customers to avoid them.  One, they will alert you when a call comes in and ID it as a possible spam call.  You can still answer it if you want.  Two, you can enter a code (#664#) and block these suspect calls from even ringing.

            My guess is that the OP was assigned a number that may have been used previously by someone of the type that recvd. an extraordinary number of these calls.  

               In the earliest days of cell service where calls were 45 cents/min. - the first incoming was often free.  (No minute bundles in those days.


              Everyone now recognizes that the Do not call registry has outlived its usefulness.  It was set up before cell became used by the general public.