What should I do now that tmobile has decided to not honor their trade in promotion?


    I have been a loyal customer for many years now and this is the first time customer service has completely failed me. I decided to go into a Tmobile store to ask if I was eligible for the black friday trade in promotion. I was going to trade in my samsung galaxy s6 for a samsung galaxy s7. I asked multiple times while my trade in was being processed to make sure that I was truly eligible and the employee said yes of course you're fine nothing to worry about you got a great deal and won't have to pay for the phone. I believed her and left the store with a brand new samsung galaxy s7. I got a text for this month's billing cycle and it was way more than I usually pay for and I was totally confused, so I called support three times and got the same answer. I was not eligible for the promotion and that they made a mistake on their end. They kept insisting that I was alerted of the mistake on 12/14 through text and that I must have ignored it due to the text being sent aroung the holidays. I did not receive a text alerting me of this mistake because I would have talked to them about this issue much earlier than now. I only kept receiving texts of my monthly bills and nothing more. A text that important would not have gone unnoticed. Now they're telling me there's nothing they can do for me and that I just have to continue paying for the phone. This does not make any sense that I have to unwillingly pay for their mistakes. I am lost on what I should do.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Oh no, kptn87try.  I'm so sorry to read about this and sorry that we left you hanging here.  I can't see the particulars of what transpired here to cause any ineligibility - but it's a shame to read about the miscommunication, and I know it must feel terrible to have opened a bill that was much higher than you expected.

        It sounds like you've put a pretty solid effort into resolving this - reaching out three separate times is a big deal.  Since you've posted this as well, it seems like you're looking for additional support, and I don't blame you for trying every avenue available.  The Support Community is a user forum, so community managers here don't have the individual account access needed to take a look and see if we have a way to make this right - but I definitely don't want to discourage you from reaching out.  If you're looking for online support, my best advice (if you haven't already) would be to try contacting our T-Force team.  You can reach them through Facebook or Twitter, and in those channels they have the ability to securely verify your account and take a look to see what opportunity we have to help out here. 

        Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this - we appreciate your post and the feedback.  I'm sorry again for the way this played out, and I sincerely hope that we're able to help in some way.  Thank you.


        - Marissa