Problem with Note 4 update of March 2017


    Ever since the N910TUVS2EQB1 update of March 2017, the T-mobile Note 4 and Note Edge up/down LTE arrows constantly stay on permanently causing battery drain. no 3rd party apps, everything closed, did factory reset, nothing running in background. not sure what data is being transmitted but phone stays hot with nothing running in background only thing that fixes this problem is a manual restart. taking in/out of airplane mode or turning data on/off does not fix. N910TUVS2EQB1 needs a fix ASAP! Its happening on all T-mobile Note 4 and Note Edges since N910TUVS2EQB1 update. The 2 little Up/down LTE arrows under the 4gLTE symbole constantly stay on permanently. Please ask Samsung to push out an update fix. thank you

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Problem with Note 4 update of March 2017

        My goodness! Constant data transfer would definitely cause some serious battery drain. Are you able to see your battery usage info or data usage info to see what exactly is using all the data/battery?

        • tmo_amanda

          sjahanmi22, are you still having battery drain issues? If so, can you take a look at your battery usage within the phone and let us know what the top three things are?

          • magenta2309542

            Last Friday, I accepted my Note 4's prompt regarding the N910TUVS2EQE2 update.  Since that time, my previously perfectly functioning Note 4 has failed, repeatedly.  Sluggish to no performance; rebooting without touching the phone - and no, it's not lost in the bottom of some handbag being 'touched' by other things; poor touchscreen reactivity; dark screen that will not lighten; cannot answer incoming calls; battery drain, and a host of other unfortunate behaviors.  When I went into the new TMobile store, here in Charlottesville, VA, the clerk was so new, he was 'still getting familiar with the products' and, while kind, was absolutely no help.  Help, please.  I have been with TMobile since you were VoiceStream - 20 years.  I am now considering switching service providers because I am just that frustrated. Thank you.