Why can't I receive specific short code sms?


    Trying to log into my Google account on my Android

    Stuck at "Verifying your phone automatically via text message" it stays there and does nothing.

    • I tried resending the code, nothing.
    • Tried another way to sign in which brings me back to step 1: "Get a verification code with automatic verification at (my number)"
    • Tried disabling 2 step verification on my desktop computer but it needs the code via text which I'm not getting.
    • Did a factory reset and still the same results
    • **I do receive the 22000 text messages from Google on my phone but it's only for useful when getting into my account on the desktop they won't work when the phone needs to auto detect it.

    Texting does work, texted my family and they texted me back.

    Any suggestions?

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      • mangowarrior

        Okay it's been a very strange day.  I decided to log in using my other Google account that did NOT have the 2 step verification.  Logged out and logged back in with my main one that does.  Lo and behold the short code sms came thru. 


        I dunno, maybe the Tmobile techs that I spoke with earlier resolved something on their end. Or my method actually did something. Or something else happened on Google's end.  Either way I can finally move on with my phone.  Thanks & have a great weekend

          • tmo_marissa

            Glad to hear this worked for you!  I'm not sure if it was resolved by our tech team or by your steps, either - but it's definitely nice to hear you're not missing messages anymore.  Maybe at some point another user with the same problem will pop by and test your Google account switch resolution and let us know if this was the fix!  Thanks for posting the update.


            - Marissa