APN settings for sim with mobile internet 10gb plan on a gps tracker?


    just got a gps tracker that requires sim card. T-Mobile is listed as a carrier that works with device and provides an APN of internet2.voicestream.com (this is in tracker manufacture manual). After following instructions I cannot get device set up. Receive message "registration failed: please make sure gprs connected.


    Important notes about device

    The device supports all 2G GMS Sim, and 3G/4G Sim which supports also the 2G networks. Please check with your Sim provider before buying it.

    You need to make sure GPRS and Caller’s ID display service are enabled.

    APN is Access Point Name, it's the key to enable the internet connection function of sim. You have to set the correct APN to enable internet connection before you start to setting up the tracker.

    Different Sim has different APN, you can usually find it on the Sim provider’s website, and it would be better to call to make sure the APN information they provide is correct for 2G network, but not for 3G or 4G. (some sim provider will provide the 3G APN to you, but it might not work for 2G sim card, please double confirm it)


    Im wondering if my sim card is not correct for device OR most likely apn settings?

    APN Setting Command should be in the following format
    *apn* plus *APN name* plus *Username* plus *Password*

    Some APN goes with Username and Password, others are not. For the ones without username and password, just leave them as blank.

    e.g. Orange France APN: orange.fr   Username: orange Password: orange

    Correct Command  *apn*orange.fr* orange*orange*

    e.g.  China Union APN : uninet

    Correct Command Format  *apn*uninet*  

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