Who honors the warranty on a T-Mobile Cellspot TM-AC1900 manufactured by Asus?


    I am a T-Mobile customer.  During a recent promotion I purchased one of these units - the Cellspot router, which is modeled as TM-AC1900, and is a rebranded Asus RT-AC68U.


    It died.


    Chatting with T-Mobile via Twitter, a rep was going to replace the faulty unit.  The shift changed, and the next rep said something to the effect that the device "was not linked to my T-Mobile account" and therefore I had to go to Asus for warranty issues.


    I filed a repair request with Asus, sent the unit in on my dime for shipping under the provided RMA, and after a week received a reply back that they would be returning it untouched because they don't service the T-Mobile devices.


    Why the sudden change in T-Mobile return policy between reps?  Who actually is supposed to honor the warranty? What does it mean to have my purchase "linked to my account"?  This promotion was open to everyone, not just those with a T-Mobile account, so even if I had not been a customer, this device has a stated 2 year warranty.


    T-Mobile did eventually agree to refund my purchase amount, and then asked if I wanted to purchase a replacement.  I would, because this seems like a great router when it works, but why would I buy something that I know will not be supported if I have problems?


    In short, what was supposed to have happened here?  Thanks

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      • Only T-Mobile customers were supposed to have been able to purchase this router.  Most of us either paid a small deposit (~$25) or no deposit to use for free.  T-Mobile should be the warranty go-to point.  Asus disavows any knowledge of this device from my experience.

        • t_mobilehasbadsupport

          I am in the same boat. I am in the warrenty peroid.

          I pullup my order info on the T-mobile site.

          I call T-mobile support  using the number on the order page.

          I speak to them. They tell me they cannot pull up my order.

          I tell them I pulled up fine on t-mobile site fine.

          They say they do not use that system, refuse to look at t-mobile site, refuse to transfer me to a supervisor.

          I called in on the t-mobile 800



          Personally I am planning to sure t-mobile for more than the amount paid as you cannot purchade it anymore. .

          Find retail asus product comparable at place like best buy. copy the reciept ,


          take the reciept to court to show this is the value of the product. Had tmobile honored their warrenty you would not have had to pay for a new product, So a refund of just the amount paid is NOT justifiable, only the greater amount is.  .