Can I re-use the SIM card for my "200 MB Free Data" plan on a new iPad?


    I have an iPad Air with the 200 MB "Free Data for Life" plan. I want to give this iPad away and get a new iPad on which I want to have the same plan. I have several questions around this.


    1) Can the 200 MB "Free Data for Life" plan still be activated on new compatible devices?


    2) Can I possibly use my current SIM card in the new iPad?


    3) If I have to buy a new SIM card which card is the right one? I find the T-Mobile offers for SIM cards quite confusing. At this time (03/22/2017) there seem to be two SIM card offers possibly fitting:


    For $10: Tablet Sim Card Kit | Prepaid Sim Cards for Tablets | T-Mobile

    For $25: Mobile Data SIM Kit | 3-in-1 Mobile Internet SIM Kit | T-Mobile


    Does someone know whether both or otherwise which one of these cards work for the free plan?


    4) If I have to get a new SIM card for the new iPad, is it possible to change the account data (name, address, email address) for the old iPad and its plan to its new owner (so that I am completely out of the picture), or does the new owner need a new SIM card for himself?


    Thanks for your answers.


    Greetings - resucami

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