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    Sorry for the long post, but it's a complicated issue... I'm a new Tmobile customer, and signed up specifically because of what digits had to offer.  It's a great concept and very forward thinking.  Because it's new, and beta, I've found one tends to get different answers about Digits and the capabilities depending who in Tmobile you ask, so I'm trying to get something cleared up.


    With the announcement on February 12th that "Linelink is officially supported by Digits" I'm hoping that my use case can be made to work.  I was told by Tmobile it would work, prior to establishing my service.  Now that I've paid my money and my service is established and I'm actually trying to get it to work, I'm encountering difficulties.


    Here's what I have:

    • A Tmobile cell phone (Iphone 7) on the Tmobile One plan
    • Linklink, on the "DGLNLNKE - LineLink TE" rate plan.  The SIM currently in the Linklink device is independent with a separate # from the Iphone

    Here's what I need:

    • A single phone number that rings simultaneously on both devices. (Let's call this the Public number)
    • Outbound calls on the Iphone show the Public # as the caller id
    • Outbound calls on the Linelink show the Public # as the caller id
    • I don't have to use the Digits app to place or receive calls using the Public number on the Iphone.  The Public # should be the "default" number on the Iphone.
    • Visual Voicemail for the Public number is accessible on the Iphone

    I don't care if either device has additional ("secondary") numbers associated with it, as long as those secondary numbers don't appear on the caller id.

    Can this be done?

    The answer is clearly Yes, if the second device is anything other than a linklink.  There was a forum post from another customer about this exact use case in December that said "not at this time", but nothing since then, and Linelink was not officially supported until February.

    When I ask Tmobile, I get various responses:

    • Yes, it can work.
    • No, it can't work with Linelink
    • Well, it can sort of work, but only if the Public number is assigned to the Linelink, which means you have to use the digits app to place outgoing calls on the Iphone, with the Iphone configured in virtual line mode.

    I'm given to understand that the way this would have to work the way I need is that the Linklink gets a "duplicate sim" based on the sim in the Iphone, where the Iphone has the Public #.  Has anyone tried that, since Linelink became supported?  The third answer I get (above) is based on the notion that Linelink is only compatible with "virtual line" setup and not "duplicate line" setup.

    Can anyone provide any info on this?  Is anyone doing it?  If it can't be done, then it seems the February announcement of Linklink being officially supported by Digits isn't really true.

    Thanks so much for any help!

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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Digits and Linelink

        I am not a TMobile rep. But  my understanding is the following: If you get a duplicate sim card of your iPhone 7 number which is the Public Number in your post and put it in the Line Link device, you should be good to go. But still, I guess you need to activate the LineLink device with a new number initially. I dont think you can just buy the line link device outright. May be the best person to answer this is tmo_evan. I believe he has a very strong hold of the whole DIGITS apart from Chris,  Mike and Marissa.

        • tankshop

          Re: Digits and Linelink

          The LineLink will work with a duplicate sim card or any voice sim on a One plan. I do not know about others.

          • tmo_evan

            Re: Digits and Linelink

            Absolutely can do this, though we recently reached capacity with the beta, so you will have to wait until we either add in new beta participants or exit from the current beta phase.


            What you'll want to do is to get the rate plan that offers you a duplicate SIM card and have it paired with your primary phone number of the iPhone 7.  Once you have that SIM card you'll be able to put it into the LineLink and you should be good to go. 

              • wer888

                Re: Digits and Linelink

                Thanks for the confirmation, evan.  Sounds like you're with T-Mobile?  I had already worked with the Digits team and had my linelink converted to the appropriate digits-compatible rate plan.


                Actually, the "capacity" issue you refer to is one of my problems.  Long before I posted here, I was promised by multiple T-Mobile personnel I could get into the Digits program, and that it would do what I needed.  I went to considerable trouble and expense because of those assurances.  I switched my service over to T-Mobile to use this program.  That's when the confusion and contradictions and delays started, leading me to post on this forum, hoping to get a straight answer.


                In fact I was in communications with the Digits team several times prior, because manual intervention was needed. (Registering with Digits via the website is problematic in my use case because LineLink is not presented as one of the options for "One Number Multiple devices.")  The last guy I talked to before things went south said he would call me back in a few days to get me all hooked up.  But then he didn't call the day he said he would; I heard from no one.  So I called back in the next day, only to be told then "Sorry, the program is full as of yesterday."  You're out of luck.  They closed the program while the first guy had me waiting on a callback.  But I was told I was welcome to switch back to AT&T if I had "buyer's remorse."


                T-Mobile broke its word to me.  I signed up for a service I'm not getting based on promises made and not kept.  If no one's going to make things right, what choice am I left with other than to end my account and my relationship with a company that would behave that way?


                Sorry to vent; this probably isn't the place for it.  But you touched on a sore spot.


                I do appreciate the technical info though; you obviously know what you're talking about.  Thanks...

                  • tmo_evan

                    Re: Digits and Linelink



                    Let me get one of the forum admins to reach out to you and see what we can do to make it right for you.  I'll ask to get some details of the interactions with the DIGITS care team and then look at how we can help out as we have a couple of people who were in process of being signed up when we closed the beta and if we have records of your interactions (and we get the details) we can see if we can get you added into the list.

                      • wer888

                        Re: Digits and Linelink

                        Thanks, I really appreciate it!

                          • wer888

                            Re: Digits and Linelink

                            Just wanted to follow up for the record and the benefit of others who are interested and say this configuration does work fine with Digits.  I've had it working all week.


                            Thanks very much indeed to evanmf, Chris, and Nate for their help!!!!


                            Here's the deal:


                            Both LineLink and the iPhone ring simultaneously, and caller-id/call-waiting work on both devices.  Outgoing caller-id also reports just the primary shared number from both devices, as expected.  No Digits app needs to be used. Voicemail message retrieval (by long-pressing 1 or dialing 123) works from the LineLink phone just as it does from the cell.


                            The voicemail waiting indicator on my phone that's plugged into the LineLink does not (usually) light up when I have voicemails.  It HAS lit up a couple of times, but 95% of the time it does not work, but I'm not sure it's supposed to with Digits.  It did work on the LinkLink before it was converted to Digits, so the LineLink itself IS compatible with home-phone voicemail indicators.  Some might consider this a big problem, because you do have to go to your cell phone to check and see if you have any voicemails.


                            The one limitation involving LineLink is that you can't transfer an active call between the Linelink and the cell phone, as is apparently possible in some other configurations.  For me, that would be nice but I can live without it. 


                            I will also mention that you do NOT need to have a duplicate SIM sent to you for this to work.  That is a myth.  Nate was able to remotely reconfigure the SIM that was already in the LinkLink device.


                            The only serious problem I see is is that visual voicemail notifications to the iPhone are broken, voicemail delivery is spotty, and any voicemails that do arrive on the Iphone (sometimes delayed 8 to 25 minutes) are already marked as "heard" (or read, old, listened-to, not new, however you want to say it). 


                            This admittedly is a very bad problem, because you don't know when you get a voicemail, and you can't tell which voicemails you've already listened to... But it seems this is already a known issue and is not specific to LineLink.


                            So again, this LineLink configuration seems to function equally well as any other.



                        • tmo_chris

                          Re: Digits and Linelink

                          Hey wer888,


                          I am gonna send you a quick private message so I can gather some info from you

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Re: Digits and Linelink



                        This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!