So the back cover of my Galaxy s7 is coming off. Probably the battery swelling.  What do I do?


    I have the Jump program. But, what I really want is my phone to be fixed.  I still have my old Galaxy s5, that works great, I just replaced the battery.  So do I take the s7 into T-Mobile and see what happens?

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      • stevetjr

        Not entirely clear about your question?  You mention a Galaxy S5 and S7, the S7 the back doesn't come off and is also covered in glass. 


        Now if somehow your S7 is coming apart which would be unusual and you have JUMP 1 or 2 which include the PHP (Jump on Demand doesn't include the PHP/Insurance) then you can call 611 or go to a store to initiate the warranty process which is a small fee.  Now of course that is unless it is considered damaged then the deductible would apply which for the S7 I believe is still $175.  


        In either case they don't fix them the exchange them usually with a factory refurbished unit.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey 808empath!  It's so weird that this is happening - as stevetjr mentioned, I definitely wouldn't expect this from an S7 just because of construction!  Did you have a chance to take the phone by the store so that we could get some eyes on it?  How is everything working out for you?


          - Marissa

            • 808empath

              Hello Marissa.


              Yes, I did get to take it to the store.  They took a look at it and said

              that because it's outside of the 1yr warranty they can't do anything about

              it from their standpoint. They said that the back cover was just coming

              off, that the glue isn't holding it together.  So they gave me the number

              to contact Samsung & see if they can repair it for minimal cost.

              They also recommended that I take it to a cellphone repair store in the

              same shopping mall.  The repair guy said it's not just the back cover

              coming off, he says the battery is swelling. Which is why the glue isn't


              The last option was to contact the insurance company Assurant. But, I

              haven't gone that route.

              Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

              I can send some images if you wantFB_IMG_1490763196123.jpg, so you can see.


              Thank you.

              Reid (808empath)

                • artart

                  I'll bet you wouldn't be allowed on an airplane with THAT phone

                  (considering the recent Note 7 exploding battery problems)


                  Samsung certainly doesn't need THAT photo

                  of the "safe" S7 circulated online right now. 


                  Your problem is not a cosmetic issue .

                  The problem is not the "back cover of your Galaxy S7 phone is coming off". The phone doesn't have a back cover. It is a factory sealed unit. Even if it is assembled with glue, the back is not a cover. The phone is "breaking up" due to a malfunctioning battery which COULD have a short in it. That would be my position and I would definitely stick to it when talking to Samsung.

                  The problem is that the battery is swelling

                  (just like those that exploded in the Note 7s)

                  Samsung claims that the (non Note) S7  did not have any dangerous battery issues. The company also claims that the S8 will also not have any dangerous battery issues.


                  I don't think Samsung needs the bad publicity that scary picture might produce. I would take it into a Best Buy with a resident Samsung rep and ask if Samsung will swap out the phone with a new one. You coud maybe even settle for a "safe battery" S8 version (one could only hope) .   I would not treat the issue as an out of waranty matter. I would take the position that if the phone is used any further it MIGHT explode and it is a consumer safty mater.  I wonder what Samsung will do about a swelling battery that hasen't caught fire yet.


                  Whatever you do I would definitely not let Samsung take possesion of that phone until they replace it. They definitely would not want you posting that photo in S8 chat rooms. Samsung does not want you asking how you can be sure that the new "absolutly safe" Galaxy S8 won't behave like your current scary S7.



                  • magenta1328661

                    Mine looks exactly like that except the glass on the back cover is shattered too. I bought it exactly 13 months ago. I don't have any coverage on it and I still owe T-Mobile $400. I usually have it in a case but last week I was installing the T-Mobile update and my phone got super hot. I took it out of the case to try and cool it down when I noticed the swelling and the shattered back cover. Now it won't hold a charge and only turns on if I plug it in.


                             You know - I don't think your S7 meets IP68 standards anymore. Keep it away from liquids.

                      • samsungs7disaster

                        Mine looked the same way three weeks ago but now the front part is coming off too.


                        Of course, the warranty has expired, I still owe money on it and am hesitant to buy the new S8 for fear of the same problems.


                        Yours is NOT an isolated problem



                      • artart

                        tmo_marissa wrote:

                        take the phone by the store so that we could get some eyes on it? 

                        - Marissa

                        tmo_marissa That is the best advice that could be given.

                        Take the phone to a person who can see what the problem is. I might add.  Take the phone to a person who would actualy care if there is a problem. I would only take it to an actual Samsung company employee such as is available at some Best Buy stores. Those Samsung reps are awesome when it comes to customer service.



                      • mamasnic

                        I'm having exactly the same problem right now.. the freaken back cover is coming apart.. I took it to a Samsung Experience store inside a best buy and they told me it looks bad and it shouldn't open up like that and that I should contact samsung directly since it's still under warranty and send it in for repair or replacement.. Called samsung and they said I would need to send it in free of charge since this is a manufacturer's defect. I'm hoping they will replace it with a new one and not just "re-glue" the back cover..

                          • 808empath

                            I've sent it out to them to get it repaired seeing as I'm in Hawaii and

                            that there is no service center to walk in to.  Idk of they'll replace it,

                            its just that 2 weeks is a long time to go without a phone, especially if I

                            don't have a land line.


                            Thankfully, I still have my older model Galaxy s5, just had to go to

                            T-Mobile to change out the SIMCARD to fit into my s5.


                            At this point I'll have to wait & see.

                              • theartiszan

                                Good to have a backup. I usually keep an old one or a cheap one I find on eBay.

                                • artart

                                  808empath wrote:


                                  I've sent it out to them to get it repaired seeing as I'm in Hawaii and

                                  that there is no service center to walk in to.  Idk of they'll replace it,

                                  its just that 2 weeks is a long time to go without a phone, especially if I

                                  don't have a land line.


                                  At this point I'll have to wait & see.


                                  While you are waiting.

                                  It might be a good idea to read up on situations similar to yours. It seems that Samsung is a little sensitive about public discussion of the malfunction of its devices. If you are asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement, I would definitely hold out for a brand new phone. An S8 would be nice; especially if you are required to not discuss the matter publicly.


                                  I hope you are happy with any remedy Samsung may provide. We would sure like to know how it works out for you. Of course I personally would be very happy if you mysterioisly ceased posting about the issue. I would then know that Samsung did the right thing and made you a happy camper. Even if you were not allowed to talk about it.


                                  * Since you were required to relinquish the evidence of Samsung's faulty gequipment, it is a good thing you have retained your photos.


                                  Best wishes. Art

                                    • 808empath

                                      Thank you Art.

                                      I was not told to sign any non disclosure agreements.

                                      I've posted the images on Instagram, haven't posted them on Facebook as of

                                      yet. A friend who just recently upgraded her Galaxy S3 to a S7 is

                                      rethinking her decision.  She just may go the iPhone route.

                                      After this incident and things don't work the way I want it to go, I may

                                      jump ship from Galaxy to the iPhone. I've never had one, but at this rate

                                      it might be a good enough to do try it out.




                                        • artart

                                          808empath wrote:



                                          I was not told to sign any non disclosure agreements.


                                          As the article stated, the requirement to sign a non disclosure was a condition of receiving a replacement phone. I just wanted you to be aware that you might be required to sign one as a condition of any offer Samsung makes you. After Samie actually offers you a remedy, that's when you might be required to sign an agreement before the promised remedy is shipped.


                                          I only mention the nondisclosure agreement as a relatively good thing for you. It shows that Samsung really wants to minimize public product malfunction disscussions. That would indicate that Samsung might be willing to offer you a more atractive remedy to ease any aprehension you might have about the reliability of a replacement phone.


                                          Again I say -  I hope you get a new phone. Not a fefurbished one.