Some callers (not all) get busy signal when they call me.


    Recently, some (not all) inbound callers have been getting a busy signal whenever they try to call me. Most callers get through with no issues and I can call everyone (even those who can't call me) without issue.


    Some important details:

    - This has been happening for about two weeks

    - One of the 'busy signal' callers uses AT&T; others are using landline phones in two different states

    - I've swapped my SIM into an Android phone and the issue persists

    - The same thing is happening on my wife's phone (an Android) with the same callers

    - The issue persists even when swapping my wife's SIM into an old iPhone 4

    - The issue persists whether I'm at home or at work (30 miles away)

    - *Edit: We both use the same pre-paid $40 per month unlimited text/talk/data plan


    The issue persists across four different phones, two different SIMs, and several different locations ... I can only suspect it's a network issue at this point.


    Any idea what might be happening?


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