Scam Block and ID Feature

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    Anyone seen this roll out yet?  It's supposed to be automatically added to all T-Mobile postpaid users over time, and can be manually activated starting April 5, 2017.


    It'd be nice if Name ID was included at no charge as well.  Hiya works fine on Android, but iOS of course, the app cannot access the info real-time and must be searched for after the call. 


    I have not tried Name ID on iOS yet, since IDK if the feature really overrides the system security.  Name ID uses Hiya, just like the app, but is supposed to be live and real-time. 

    Anyone with experience on iOS and Hiya/Name ID?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Scam Block and ID Feature

        Hey there. I did see this feature on my account when I logged in. I never did activate it using the codes listed on the other page, but I did see it there when I signed in. I currently use an Android device so I don't have personal experience using Name ID on an iOS device. What I do know, is that it'll be different from the the experience you get using the Name ID app on an android phone for sure.