After porting from straight talk i have no call or texts but never lost data please help


    Ok, to start my phone is a Samsung galaxy s7 edge bought brand new at a t mobile store less than 1 month ago. I was given a temporary number BC my other phone had paid time-data left on it and I didn't want to waste money. I had PERFECT service with my temporary number,  which I've never had.  So,  when my old phone came near it's due date I had my wife go to the tmobile store and have them port my number, they made it especially inticing to do so by throwing in a gift card offer. Anyway,  I was on the phone with my wife while they were starting the process and I was disconnected. I notice right off that although my calls and texts aren't working my internet and hotspot never stopped working. I continued to get full bars and the 4g LTE symbol. So,  I waited some hours and called t mobile (using my wife's phone).  After explaining they found it strange and wanted to follow up with me the next day. The next day about noon I went to the gas station it's less than 10miles from my house and figured while I was out I'd try a restart. When I returned to my vehicle and the sounds of texts coming through started up so I my a test call to my wife.  It was working as we'll.  I started home. I got a mile from home the call dropped and I'm back to no calls or texts.  I attempted last night to recreate what happened before but got bo service. We even drove to the cell phone tower,  again it's very close.



    Things I've done with and without tmobiles reps



    1. Powered off my phone wait x amount of time



    Turned it back on. 



    2. Restarted with restart button



    3. Made airplane mode is off.



    4.Made sure do not disturb isn't on.



    5. Did a network search , chose tmobile,  said it was registering,  no change



    6. Made sure wifi is off



    7. Made sure wifi calling is off



    8. Made sure mobile data is on



    9. Restarted my phone by holding the volume down and power button.



    10.Reboardcast of my signal (multiple times)



    11. They checked for blocks on my number



    12. They sent me a complete upd

    ate that took a while and restarted my phone.


    13. We tried turning on roaming.


    14. I've removed and replaced the Sim card


    15. The Sim and imei numbers have been checked more than once.


    16. Placed the Sim card into another phone,  acted the same.


    17. Checked and checked the apn settings.



    The Sim card status says the following:


    Network: Unknown


    Signal Strength: -113dBm 0asu


    Service State: Out of Service


    Roaming: Not Roaming


    Mobile Network State: Connected



    When I attempt to make a call it says


    Mobile Network Not Available


    And in the top left corner it says out of the calling area(again I live very close to a tower and had perfect service before the port)



    When I attempt to send a text it says


    Unable to send this message.  Your device is not connected to a mobile network. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and try again.



    Ok,  that is all the information I can think to provide. ANY HELP OR IDEAS ARE APPRECIATED!!!!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Holy moly, april30 - this is intense.  I'm so sorry that your porting experience was so bonkers!  I know it's been a good few days since your initial post - if this experience was part of the dual service period, it should definitely be over by now.  How is everything going?  Are you still having trouble placing calls or sending messages?  I hope this was just a transition period!


        - Marissa

          • april30

            Hello Marissa, it turned out that straight talk passed along a tainted

            phone number. On the 6th day with no calling or text we went to the tmobile

            store an hour away. On the way there my phone said it was updating and my

            calling and texting seemed to work again but,  I noticed it was changing

            networks and I didn't have the ability to use the phone and be on-line at

            the same time. So,  once there Matt an awesome employee tried swapping my

            Sim around with other phones.  When my Sim went into their phone the data

            speeds dropped very slow. With their Sim in my phone everything suddenly

            improved. So,  we knew it wasn't the phone. At this point we assumed I had

            a bad Sim card so they went through the procedure to swap my number to

            another Sim card. We placed the card into the phone and got the same

            results.  So,  they again switched my card with an employees and the speeds

            improve and the network stays 4g LTE with their card in my phone but still

            gives all the problems of the other Sim in their phone. So again,  it

            appeared to be the Sim. At this point I had also brought up again that I

            had seen somewhere in android forum that 664 numbers is one of three

            numbers that aren't compatible with tmobile for some reason. So,  using the

            same Sim they switched to when I got there,  they put a new number on it.

            SAME results. At this point everyone decided the bad number must have left

            something on the Sim that's still causing a block of service. So, they got

            out another new Sim card and had my new number placed on it,  one that the

            straight talk number had NOT been on,  and bam everything worked again. We

            did the swap test again and the speeds were staying high and the network

            wasn't. Changing when I made a call and I was now able to use the internet

            while in a call again. It all boiled down to Straight talk either did

            something to the number before letting it be ported to ensure they'd get it

            back when it wouldn't work with tmobile or there really is some sort of

            block out there against 664 numbers and 2 others I dont recall.  It

            could've also been related to being a number that only uses MNVO which

            wouldn't make sense to me as I never lost data or hotspot. Only texting and



            The fix was: New number on New Sim card,  that never had the old number on

            it. The old number seemed to mess up the Sim cards some how.