LG Aristo stock email app not syncing old emails


    I have the LG Aristo and the stock email app is not syncing emails older than 2 month.  I have an IMAP account setup and I cannot view my old emails.  The settings are Settings > Accounts and Sync > IMAP Account > Sync > Email Sync Period and you get the option to syncing emails from 1 day ago through 2 months ago.  The old Android 5.0 phone I was using allowed "All" email to sync.  This "All" option is not available in the LG Aristo stock email app.  Is it assumed everyone will not want to see any of their old emails?  That is crazy!  I really need access to my old emails. Does anyone know a way around this?  Is there a fix, hack, apk or something that can be done?  Can T-Mobile, LG or Google add the sync "All" option back?

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