I've been dealing with this issue since September 2016 and at this point I'm trying to gather information from other people with similar experiences so that I can prepare for the next step which I'm pretty certain is imminent. Here's my experience with the iPhone 7 Plus Trade-in:


    In September 2016 I walked in to a T-Mobile store to take care of something. Completely unrelated to what I went to the T-Mobile store for, the rep talked me into trading in my iPhone 6 plus for the new iPhone 7 Plus which at the time was on preorder. The trade-in was an easy sell because the rep told me the new iPhone 7 plus 32g (silver) would cost $120 over 24 months if I trade in my iPhone 6 plus which he physically checked out. Fair enough. I signed up for it. I paid the sales tax on the phone and left, expecting the phone to arrive in the mail.


    I have 4 numbers with T-Mobile so about a week or so later, I did the same trade-in deal online for 2 iPhone 7 Plus matte black which wouldn't be shipped until November.


    When I received the first iPhone I traded up to, sometime in October I think, I mailed back my old iPhone 6 Plus which, of course, I factory reset.


    I received the other two iPhone 7 Pluses from T-Mobile in late November or early December and mailed back the reset old ones as well. A few weeks later I received a strange text stating that my account had been credited $0.00 for the phone received. I called in to find out something along the lines of “find my phone” was not turned off on one of the phones so the phone had been thrown away and I would get no credit for it. To say the least, I was infuriated by this. I asked for my phone back which apparently was impossible. After stating that I was ready to leave T-Mobile — which btw has been my cell phone carrier for years — I was given credit $195 for the phone I returned. I was promised by the customer service rep that credits for trade-in program would show up in a billing cycle or two. When they didn’t I called back only to be told, we don’t know what’s going on so we’re escalating the case. Then I called back again only to be told the same bs about the case being escalated. I’ve called T-Mobile several times about the same issue. No one has ever called me back and the last bill which was automatically deducted from my credit card had no credits on it for the two lines I traded up later.


    Much to my disbelief, the credits I’ve been getting on the one line  — the first trade-in I did in-store — seem to be far from the ones needed to support the advertised $120 over 24 months ($5/mo) trade-in story.


    Here’s the math on what T-Mobile is doing with my account:


    Only the first line i’m charged the following:


    2016 Sept iPhone 7 Trade Up Offer ($18.96)

    Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Silver - Monthly charge $32.09


    That’s a net of $13.33 with an over-24-month total of $315.12.


    On the other two lines, I keep getting charged $32.09/month which over a 24 month period is $770.17 (sales tax not included as it was paid at the time of the upgrade).


    If this continues, I will end up paying a net of 315.24+2*770.16=$1,855.44 for 3 iPhone 7 Plus phones which sim free cost $769 each — so price.


    In addition, T-Mobile “credited” me $195 for each iPhone I traded in which at the time were worth $600 (iPhone 6 Plus x 2) and $675 (iPhone 6S Plus) for a total of $1,875. After the credits, it would mean that T-Mobile took me for — (2*$600+1*$675)-3*$195=$1,290.


    My brother has 4 lines with T-Mobile and the same thing happened to him with the two lines he “traded-in”.


    I’m tired of calling T-Mobile about this! I’ve called numerous times. Each time I call I get endless apologies from the reps, and the same story about how my case is being escalated and that someone will be in touch. No one has ever called me from T-Mobile. Shame on T-Mobile for orchestrating such a scheme! If you’re having a similar experience, let me know here or hit me up directly at (insert email address). I’m ready to take action.






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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: iPhone 7/Plus Trade-in racket

        Hey, Al. 

        It is such a bummer to read over everything you've gone through with this promotion.  I don't blame you for being exhausted at this point - it sounds like you've put out so much effort to figure out what's going on here.  I know that when a trade-in device is "devalued" for any reason - whether it's a different make or model than the RMA is created for, or Find My iPhone is still enabled, or it has a crack in the LCD - our system should send messages to let you know and give you the opportunity to request your device back or accept the credit.  It sounds like this did not happen here; and I can't apologize for that enough.  Regarding the credits, at least in the first example you provided, the $195 trade-in bill credit is part of the program, so you'd deduct $195 from that $315 difference between the monthly EIP installments and monthly credits and wind up with the $120 net cost for the new phone.  I'm sad to say it sounds like we could have done a much better job of explaining this, especially with all of the opportunities that we've had to go over it with you.  Regarding the missing monthly installments for the other two lines - we need to have a team with account access review this and get to the bottom of it.  But since we're a user forum, in this Community we don't have the ability to verify your account and take a look at the history or details.  However, our T-Force team can.  If you have a chance to reach out via FB (just hit the "Message" link below our cover photo on the T-Mobile Facebook page) or Twitter (@tmobilehelp), in those channels we can securely authenticate your account information and actually take a look.  You can copy and paste the content of your message, or simply DM the link.  That way you won't have to retype this thorough explanation of the issue, or repeat it aloud (for what sounds like it would be more than one time too many). 

        I know you've spent a ton of time reaching out already, and whether or not you move forward with giving us another shot to make this right is absolutely your call.  I truly hope you'll consider it.  Thank you for posting your experience here either way - this is valuable feedback about ways we can definitely do better with this program in the future and we appreciate your time. 


        - Marissa