Want to upgrade Simple Prepaid Plan to 2 UNLIMITED LINES. $100. ALL IN.


    I have the 3GB simple prepaid plan for $40 and want to up grade to the new offer '2 UNLIMITED LINES. $100. ALL IN.' with another line. Am I eligible for this upgrade? Also, if I am eligible and I just paid for my 3GB prepaid plan a week ago, can I switch before the next billing period, or would I have to pay twice?

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      • tmo_chris

        Great question! The 2 lines $100 all in plan is a postpaid plan and is $100 after the $5 credits you get for having auto pay enabled. To get this specific plan, you would need to contact our activations team at 1-800-T-Mobile to get your lines activated. You can migrate your Simply prepaid line to the new account but any time you have left on the prepaid account would be forfeited.


        As a side note, this plan is also available for No Credit Check postpaid accounts but the $5 auto pay credits are not possible as No Credit Check accounts cannot do Auto Pay, thus making the plan $110.