Issue: T-mobile refunding partial amount? No trace of my request?


    On March 19th, i was charged 662.16 via autopay from T-mobile.  I quickly called T-mobile and was told that the charges were because of an increase in international calls after Jan. 30th on one of my phone lines.   On Jan. 30, 2017, i had spoken to T-mobile via phone and requested to add international border feature $15/month to one of my lines since we would be calling internationally the month of February and March and to disable one of my phone lines. The T-mobile representative apologized and say that they did forget to add it and would refund me the international charges which were 422.28 out of the 662.16.  The T-mobile representative then said that they could only refund $100.00 because that is was all that the system allowed on her end.  I escalated the issue to 3 more representatives and ALL claim that they could not see anything of me requesting for this service to be added to my account on Jan. 30th 2017.  I later then requested for my phone call to reviewed (since i knew this would back me up) where i had requested them to add the $15.00 service to prevent international charges as i had incurred last year.  They said they could not pull the phone call leaving me at a dead end.   After that i spoke to 2 more supervisors and one said he could only refund me half of 422.28, he escalated the issue to his boss where he said that he didn't see any notes on the account of me requesting this feature to be added on Jan. 30th, 2017 or any phone calls available to be reviewed as evidence.  I then asked as to why the first T-mobile rep saw this on the account and said that they had forgotten to add it to my account and proceeded to refund me $100.00 at the very beginning.  I also have a text message to my mother (the line which was suppose to be activated with the international feature on Jan. 30th) saying that i had activated this feature and that she could start making phone calls internationally that day. I personally reached out to her telling her that i had already spoken to T-mobile and had activated that feature and she could now use it to text and call abroad.  After Jan. 30th, my first bill was charged $32 higher due to the service that T-mobile never added to my account.  My last bill was $422.28 higher and have only been refunded half of that.  The last supervisor mentioned that all he could do was verify that the feature was now enabled onto my account and that he could not do anything due to the fact that there was no notes in regards to that issue or a phone call recorded.  The feature was added to my account on 3/19/2017, so between 1/30/2017 and 3/19/2017 i was charged for calling internationally because T-mobile never added this $15/month feature to my account after i had requested it because we would be making international phone calls.  I have been a T-mobile customer since 2001 and do plan on leaving and and also disputing in a small claims court to try and receive my money back on charges between 1/30/2017 and 3/19/2017. 

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        Goodness albertochapa, I'm so sorry to read about this experience.  It sounds like you're doing an awful lot of legwork to try to remedy the situation and while I'm glad to read that we were able to offer some adjustment, I'm sorry that these charges caught you by surprise and that we haven't been able to do more to help.
        While any call in to Care may be recorded, unfortunately, not all of them are.  It sounds like a recording of the phone call you placed to us would have been a huge asset in this situation, and I'm so sorry it wasn't there as a resource for you.  We typically leave notes in the account as well - especially when we make changes (like adding or removing services), so I'd hope that at the very least even if we dropped the ball on actually adding this international service to your account, we left a memo saying that was a change that you'd requested!  Unfortunately, since the Support Community is a user forum, we're not able to verify accounts and review necessary details in situations like this, but we definitely want you to reach out for assistance. 

        Since you've already done such a stellar job of outlining exactly what happened - can you try working with our T-Force team?  If you contact us via Twitter (@tmobilehelp) or Facebook (just hit the Message button below the cover photo on our FB page) and provide us with a link to this post, we'll be able to read over what you're going through and provide you with a link to securely verify your account - then we can review the memos for records of this request and do our best to make this right.


        - Marissa