Automated calls to line link lines not received on DIGITS app


    On one hand i am glad to avoid those automated marketing calls, but on the other hand I think it's a bug, because potentially I could be missing automated calls from doctor offices and school district.


    Also I am wondering if this is a newly introduced bug in one of the recent versions of the app, since I remember having picked up a doctor appointment reminder on my iPad

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      • tmo_marissa

        Heya rpanchapagesan!  I honestly hadn't considered the physician's reminder aspect until you mentioned it - clearly that's not something you want to miss.  I'm not certain if this is deliberate or not - I can't find anything in our documents that lists it as a known limitation.  To that end, can I ask if you're still missing these calls?  If so, I'd like to PM you and get a bug report filed.  Just let me know if that's okay!


        - Marissa

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey there, rpanchapagesan!


          Are you still missing calls? We want to make sure your LineLink is functioning as it should be so you aren't missing those important phone calls. As Marissa mentioned, if this is still happening, we need to get a little more info from you to file a bug report.

            • rpanchapagesan

              I cannot confirm if this is still happening or not, because I haven't received an automated call since the last time I found the issue.


              Do you have the ability to send out an automated call to my line link phone? If you can do this test on a weekend, I can work with you (if you can schedule a specific time), but if it has to be on a week day, you need to talk my wife on my line link phone and schedule this. I shall provide some background to this test, so she is prepared

                • tmo_amanda

                  Good morning, rpanchapagesan!


                  Sadly, we don't have a way to force an automated call to your phone. The only thing that we can think of is to call into CARE and if there's a hold time, select the option to have them call you back. I wish there was something else that I can think of to test this out.

                    • rpanchapagesan

                      Never mind, I had given her a quick background about the possibility of testing with you (or your team), but then she called me last night that she received an (unwanted) marketing call that was targeted at my line link, in her digits app.


                      However, here is a new problem. Last 4 days I am in an area where T-mobile signals are not at its best (inside a federal government building) and I had to jump through the hoops to have them allow me use their wi-fi. They finally did it all, but it is a very restrictive wi-fi. Meaning, lots of restrictive policies, but fortunately it allows Wi-fi calling. Great! For testing something, I call back home on my line-link line, my wife picks up on the regular cordless phone and complained that she did not receive the call on her digits app. Based on my understanding, I don't think a wi-fi network restricts how and when calls are received. If at all, they could have restricted only outbound traffic, and in this case they clearly did not, because I was able to make a call.


                      Any thoughts on why these restrictions could be there? Or is it just inconsistency with respect to the DIGITS technology as a whole?

                        • tmo_amanda

                          Woohoo! Progress! I'm glad we have one issue sorted out. Now onto the next.


                          Part of me thinks the issue is the restricted WiFi. Kudos to you for getting on their WiFi network . I have a few questions for you:


                          • When your wife went to answer the call to your LineLink number and noticed that it didn't come through on the DIGITS app, was she checking the app through her phone or through the desktop app on the computer?
                          • Was she expecting to receive the call on her cell phone through digits rather than picking up the cordless phone?
                          • Were you calling using your LineLink number on your phone via WiFi calling to call the same LineLink number that your wife has added on DIGITS?
                          • Have you attempted to make a call via WiFi calling using the same phone number on your end to call your LineLink device? If so, did you get the same results?
                            • rpanchapagesan

                              ok....I think it's not to do with wifi, but iPhone / iPad version of digits app. Its very inconsistent in receiving a DIGITS call. For a different reason we had to switch her from iPhone to Pixel just yesterday. Incoming calls are seemingly consistent on Pixel. I haven't tested this from the restrictive government building (not sure if I will go there anymore), but here's what makes me suspect the iPhone /iPad version of DIGITS app - I installed it on My iPhone, and I already have it on my iPad; in both these, incoming calls on LineLink are inconsistently recognized, whereas Pixel never misses an incoming call on my LineLink line.

                    • tmo_marissa



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