Where are the old online storage accounts?


    I am so anxious...years ago I saved some pictures on my online web storage on T-Mobile's website...now, I can not find access to the account! Please help me!...

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      • tmo_marissa

        Oh no, prehistoric - I'm so sorry to read this.  The online MobileLife Albums were decommissioned a few years ago in 2013, and unfortunately all of that content has been purged.   Prior to retiring the service, we sent messages to advise customers and encourage them to transfer their photos to GoogleDrive (we walked folks through it over the phone, too) - is it possible that you moved yours and maybe they're stored with an old gmail address?  I know that's a long shot, but it seems worth asking - I know the gut-wrench of losing photos is awful, so I figure any possibility that they still exist somewhere should be explored!


        - Marissa