Syncup Drive sets off car alarm after locking car


    I installed my SyncUp Drive in 2016 BMW X1 yesterday. The device seems to work properly but when I exit and lock the vehicle the car alarm goes off. I have to unlock the car to get the alarm to turn off. If I wait about 5-minutes and lock the car again the alarm does not go off (but I don't want to have to wait around 5-minutes every time I want to lock my car). Any ideas?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Yikes, wyester!  I have to say, that's a new one.  I totally don't blame you for not wanting to hang out for five minutes every time you get somewhere to be able to lock your car.  The examples that we have listed for a "vehicle not operating properly" post-SyncUp installation are little quirks like the lights flashing, this is definitely a step above that.  If you haven't already, for an issue like this we'd actually want you to Contact Us and work with Tech Support to file an escalation ticket - there may be a compatibility issue that hasn't been reported previously here. 


        - Marissa

        • magenta1428805

          Hello Wyester!


          Any luck with your BMW? I have the same issue with my BMW X5. Same thing - alarm is trigged by the device. Talked to manufacturer and they blamed T-Mobile, talked to t-Mobile and they blamed BMW. Went to BMW and they ran full diagnostic, reinstalled the software and even upgraded it - nothing helped. BMW told me it was incompatible even though T-Mobile and manufacturer's website says that my model IS COMPATIBLE.


          By the time I finished bouncing from one company to another company, testing the firmware and upgrading it - 15 day window passed and I could no longer return the device and now I am simply paying for non operational device. One day I got fed up and called T-Mobile again. They spent with me 30 minutes on the phone (and another 30 minutes took me to be routed to an appropriate department). The representative promised me that a special support ticket was created and he was taking it under his special control. Well, 2 months passed and not a single follow up e-mail or call. 1 hour of my life on the phone was just wasted.


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            • tmo_marissa

              magenta1428805, it's a bummer to read that you spent so much of your time reporting this and we dropped the ball getting back to you. I reviewed the internal steps for reporting these issues via the ticket system I mentioned in the previous reply, and it definitely looks like we should have been able to reach out in a few days and advise of an engineering/technician reply. I should hope that there were some troubleshooting resolutions provided by the ticket, since it seems like we haven't removed the car from the compatibility check! I know not all cars with OBD-II ports can utilize all features of SyncUp, but I definitely think the behavior that you and the original poster have described merits serious investigation.
              Have you had a chance to reach back out and see if our specialized tech team is able to pull a historical ticket back up and see what response was given? We definitely don't want a solution hanging out without either of you able to use it, nor do we want more unsuspecting BMW drivers signing up for the service and then bewildered as their alarms sound!


              - Marissa