Sync Up Drive Issues

    y wife also purchased a T-Mobile Sync Up device. I tried several times to get the device working and I even went to the store on Bonita Road for help. It never has worked and now they tell me I have to pay $138.00 to cancel the service. This is so wrong in my opinion.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Sync Up Drive Issues

        Hey there!  I'm so sorry to read that the SyncUP device isn't working out for your wife!  What seems to be the trouble with it?  How long ago did you purchase it - is it past the return date?  I know that the full balance of the device is due if the service is cancelled, but we'd certainly prefer to get it working for you instead!


        - Marissa

        • dustinw

          Re: Sync Up Drive Issues

          I have had no issues.... You should have been offered a ten day trial run... I decided to keep mine. Sorry you got the short end of the stick. Id ask to have a  replacement unit and say urs is defective. Good Luck!

          • magenta4767731

            Re: Sync Up Drive Issues

            My car wldnt start 3 days in row recently , bc of this , my mecanic did a test while having it two day with it overnight , and one day without it.. i am currently in a rental while try to get my car up and running. myis Mercedes 17’ this should not be having issues.. on the phone they was trying to give me issue just for exchange. I will b exchanging later but if i have this issue again , turning mines in... As female to keep getting stuck asking for jumps is not safe. Tmobile needs to do better, especially when they don‘t take responsibilities for their products on the market