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    My wife and I would like to have both of our syncup devices on both our phones so we can both monitor our kids driving but the app won't let us.

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        This is a great point, squirrelmeat - I'm sorry we left you hanging here!  Right now, the steps we have for adding additional cars to the app seem to indicate that these would all be cars that you're installing the same connected device in - basically that you'd be swapping one OBD2 from car to car.  I don't have anything listed that indicates the possibility of setting the app up for different OBD2 devices.    I know it's been a few days since your initial post - were you able to fiddle around and find a way to do this?


        - Marissa

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          Good morning, squirrelmeat! I'm just following up to see if you were able to find out more info as Marissa had mentioned.

            • squirrelmeat

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              Hi, Sorry I haven't responded, lost my sign in info.

              To answer your question, no, I haven't been able to get any answers. Even went to a tmobile store.A little upset. We were told we could do this when we bought the our syncups, it's a good part of the reason we bought them in the first place.


                • tmo_amanda

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                  squirrelmeat, I think I may have figured this out! Fingers crossed!


                  From everything that I have been reading, the Motion App will allow users to support multiple vehicles attached to one email. At this time, it recommends that no more than 10-12 devices be registered for the best experience. Users will only be able to view the activity of one device at a time in the app. To do this, users can toggle between devices in their Cars list. The selected vehicle live and history trip data will be displayed.


                  Do you have both devices registered under the same email address?

              • magenta2036718

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                I'm having this same issue. Have two devices, two cars, and two drivers that would like to manage their car while being able to check up on the other.


                And I'd be fine with being told that is not possible except for the Sync-up Drive app description and the Sync-up Drive FAQ describing this exact feature as being currently available. What is with the discrepancy? Can we monitor our family(or fleets) other vehicles or not?


                Here is the text from the app description:


                FAMILY SAFETY

                Keep an eye on your loved ones without creating dangerous distractions.

                • GPS enabled to locate your vehicles in real-time

                • Check the location and status of multiple vehicles without contacting the drivers

                • Create geofences to get notified when your vehicles arrive and depart from common locations



                Easily monitor the location and status of up to 24 vehicles from your smartphone

                • Understand the health of your vehicles in real-time so you can make smarter business decisions

                • Empower your team in the field with in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots

                • Easily track your business trips for mileage logging and expensing


                Here are the relevant questions and answers from the FAQ:


                How do I add more vehicles to my SyncUP DRIVE account?

                If you have purchased new SyncUP DRIVE devices and would like to install them into additional vehicles on your account, go to the ‘Settings’ menu in the app, select ‘Cars’ and then tap on ‘Add a Car’. Follow the instructions to install each of the devices.

                How does the multi-vehicle map feature work?

                It’s really easy. Just tap on the map from the home screen and enter full screen map mode. The vehicle that is selected will be the dominant vehicle on the map but all of the other vehicles on your account will also be shown. You can use the drop-down vehicle selector to switch vehicles or you can just tap on the vehicle you want to engage with.

                Do all vehicles need to have a SyncUP DRIVE device installed to access these new features?

                Yes, every vehicle needs to have its own SyncUP DRIVE device to get the complete experience and all of the benefits.

                Is this update mostly focused on businesses?

                This update is as helpful to the busy family as it is to small businesses. Whether you’ve got to coordinate weekend errands and school pick-ups, or you’re managing the expectations of demanding customers, the new multi-vehicle management capabilities can help you keep an eye on what matters most, all from your smartphone.

                Are you adding these fleet capabilities because of demand from your business customers?

                Absolutely. We listen very carefully to our customers and we’ve had a steady stream of businesses coming into our stores and asking to use SyncUP DRIVE for the management of their small fleets.

                How many vehicles does SyncUP DRIVE support on one account?

                SyncUP DRIVE supports a maximum of 24 vehicles per account. All vehicles can be easily accessed via the multi-vehicle selector drop-down menu on the home screen, or by tapping on “Cars” in the ‘Settings’ menu.

                NOTE: For the optimal SyncUP DRIVE experience, it is strongly recommend that you only use one device per vehicle, per account. That means (1) SyncUP DRIVE device installed for every vehicle that is on your account.


                So, assuming all the cars you want to track need to be in the same Mojio account, how does the other driver track their car. Do all drivers need to be logged on to the same Sync-up Drive account in order to access the information about their car, or roadside assistance. How is multiple users for the same account safe?