IIt's unclear to me if jump on demand is still supported. Seems like it is and was confirmed by a t mobile rep on the phone but I'd like to have documentation on their website which I cannot find so I can refe it when I go into a retail store to trade in my phone. Anyone know where to find this?  My understanding is retail employees do not get commissions for customers signing up for jump on demand.

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            Thank you! 

            Funny, I literally walked into a retail store with that URL saved as favorite knowing the rep would deny they can do jump on demand and sure enougfh she denied they could so it. Showed her the website and she still said they can't allow it.  I asked her politely if the the reason she is denying jump on demand is because she doesn't get paid and she slightly changed her tune a bit and said they could look further into my account to see if had a "flag" to allow jump on demand if I wanted to trade in the phone today.  I didn't pursue it because I wasn't ready to make a trade in then and there (awaiting Samsung S8).

            Lesson learned for me: do not go to the retail to try to renew or trade in with jump on demand. I will be doing this online or over the phone with T mobile.  It's shame their retail stores are either uneducated or being misleading to customers.

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                Hey edg3!  I'm sorry that you had this experience.  I'd love to grab a little more feedback from you, I've sent you a PM which you can check in your inbox here.  Thank you for posting!


                - Marissa