Hookup code? Just ported two lines from AT&T


    Hello folks - after 15 years of being with AT&T, I just switched and ported two lines this afternoon. Let me say that I kept debating if I should; it felts as if I was betraying someone, lol.


    So I had an appointment setup with a sales associate which was just too far (+1 hour). I instead went to a local store to setup my new service and port my two lines. Shortly there after, I received a call from the far away sales associate and he told me that if I would have gone to him, he would have gave me "the hook up". But because I didn't, I missed out and he was not willing to share. Does anyone have a code that they could gift me?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey josuedg!  Welcome to T-Mobile - we're so happy you chose to switch, I know making changes after such a long period of time can be disorienting - but we're stoked to have you here and hopefully we'll do a great job of making this an easy change!  That said, I am sorry to read about this unfortunate first impression.  Telling you about "the hook-up" after the fact seems unnecessary (and maybe a little uncool). 
        Every employee has a limited number of codes to pass out; and we're all out here on Support.  However, it's worth leaving the post here in case someone pops by who still has a code to give (we're still seeing that happen here and there); so we'll leave it open for a bit with fingers crossed for you!  I would love to get a little more information about the situation you mentioned in your original post, though, if you don't mind, so that we can make sure to do better next time.  I'm going to send you a PM, which you can check and reply to in your inbox.  Thank you!


        - Marissa