T-mobile is not honoring the iphone 7 Black deal.


    When T-mobile was having black deal offer, they offer free phone 7 for trade in. I called in to tmoblie "Do i qualify for the deal". The representative was saying: "I am quality.it will give credit to my account each month. I signed for the offer.  After a month, i called to tmoblie. It needed to wait for month before it kick in to the account. It did not, so i called in again. Because the representative is mislead me with the wrong information, i enter contact with tmobile. What should i  do now. Last week, i called in. They was going review the recording between representative and I to validate  what i am saying is truth. Today, I called they are saying the recording was deleted because 90 days period. They just saying i am not quality for the deal. What can i do ?

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