My iPhone 6 is paid off and I am eligible for an upgrade. My 6 is giving out on me so I need to go get a new phone.


    Will they let me keep my iPhone 6, or will I have to turn it in? I am on the JUMP plan, of course.

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      • theartiszan

        If the phone is paid off completely, jump does not apply. You can purchase a new device and use eip to get installments and you don't need to turn in your current device because you are not leveraging jump.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey gotoros55!  Congrats on paying off your device, though I'm sorry to read that it's giving out on you!  theartiszan is spot on, here - if you're not using the EIP balance forgiveness that JUMP! offers, there's no reason for you to turn in your device.  You're welcome to keep it, or trade it in for credit!    You'll just start a new installment plan for whatever phone you decide to get, which would happen anyway!
          Is there anything we can do to help you figure out what's going on with your existing iPhone, or are you looking forward to a change of equipment?  I know when my last LG G3 kicked it, I wasn't too concerned with replacing or repairing because I was looking forward to this LG V10!


          - Marissa

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