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    I'm a new subscriber as of yesterday, and thought I'd point out some big inaccuracies with the official coverage map. I'm a little worried by how off it was, as I consulted it first before signing up for service. I have a T-Mobile branded Galaxy S7, and was visiting family today a couple of hours away in southeastern CT so I was doing a lot of driving and trying to stream music.  Service in the north end of East Lyme, from Upper Pattagansett Road all the way up to CT route 11 was in and out of service (mostly out).  The entirety of CT route 11 from Salem to the Colchester line was a no service zone, as was much of CT route 2 between Colchester and Marlborough.


    These areas all show as being covered on your map, but mostly provided no bars, no service, or "emergency calls only" on my phone. A reboot and a reseat of the SIM card did not help. The phone works fine in my town with solid service verified on band 12, so I don't think it's my hardware. 


    I've gotta be honest, I'm pretty upset that I spent over $500 on a phone and signed up with a new carrier that may have essentially lied about where I would have service.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: No Service Where Coverage Map Shows LTE

        Eeesh, seanskivt, I don't blame you one bit for being frustrated.  I took a look at the map, selected your device, and dropped pins in East Lyme and along Rte 11 from Colchester to Salem - it does look like it's stronger in Colchester but as you move down on the map towards Salem and with a pin dropped in East Lyme, if you're zoomed in, the 4G LTE is listed as "Fair Signal".  Still I wouldn't expect to have you receive no service at all, especially with that device. 
        Since the Support Community is a user forum, we don't have the account access needed to file Service Inquiries - but if you've got a moment it would be fantastic if you could reach out to our Tech team over the phone and provide an address on Upper Pattagansett and along Rte 11 where you experienced no service so that we can get something filed.  Given that the troubleshooting steps you tried yielded no results, it may be possible that there's an outage in the area impacting our expected coverage there, and that type of ticket will alert engineering to look into the matter. 
        Thank you for joining T-Mobile and the Support Community and taking the time to let us know about this here!  Please let us know if there are any other concerns we can address for you.


        - Marissa