another SIM Not supported problem


    Hi there. I have iphone 6 plus white 64gb. I'm overseas right now and try to use my local SIM at the moment. I already paid off my phone and request for unlock before i went overseas at t-mobile store. And they said i'll  get the email between 24 hours.


    here's the thing : my device unlock status is locked / unknown

                             your device is eligible to be unlocked

                            contact us to request unlock steps for your device.


    Alright. my device is supposed to be unlocked. But it's been 2 weeks and my device still locked. I couldn't use my local SIM because it says SIM Not supported. There's no such things as unlock code on the email i got. There's only 2 ways to unlock :

    1.insert the non T-Mobile Sim and complete the process ( doesn't work because SIM isn't supported)

    2. back up and restore ( doesn't work either )


    Already try to contact the customer service on march 10 ,2017 and march 17, 2017. And the CS says that he will proceed.

    and today on march 17, I checked my email. And again, same email with the first one :

    1.insert the non T-Mobile Sim and complete the process

    2. back up and restore

    I try both ways and same result. it doesn't work. nothing changed.


    I assume T-mobile doesn't unlock my phone yet because on my email they only told me how to unlock ( 2 option ways above )



    So is there any other way to unlock it ? Cause i already try to contact t-mobile a few times. But always got the same answer. no solution at all. It's supposed to be easy things in many ways.


    thank you before

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: another SIM Not supported problem

        Hmm, that's really weird sgietan. Normally it doesn't take that long. Did you complete erase everything before you restored your info back? Did your iTunes ever give you a prompted that the phone was unlocked? Please keep us posted.

          • sgietan

            Re: another SIM Not supported problem

            yeah i know. it doesn't supposed to be that long right. Yeah i try everything. Erase all contents and setting, and then restore. I try a couple times. but it doesn't gave me any notification. And when i try to insert my local SIM, there's again SIM not supported. Still, locked. i mean i already paid for it. I talk with the tmobile customer service at the tmobile store. And then i talk with cs again via message 2 times. it supposed to be unlocked in the first time. But it's been 3 weeks now. my phone still locked. Thank you

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: another SIM Not supported problem

            Hey there!  I just wanted to check in with you and make sure you'd been able to reach back out and get this unlock problem resolved! 


            - Marissa