Receive calls while abroad



    I'm currently in Europe for work, and I need to have a US number, just to receive calls. I could only get one of the prepaid plans, how much does it will cost to receive calls? What are my options?


    Thanks in advance

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Receive calls while abroad

        Hey there Sorry for the delay! This might be a bit tricky as we are unable to ship you a SIM card that you would need to use our service there.


        If you are able to have someone visit one of our stores and purchase a SIM starter kit ($20) and activate it on our $40/Month Simply prepaid plan then ship you the sim card, you can place the SIM in any T-Mobile compatible phone and use our service. Just so you are aware, it is $1.49/min for incoming and outgoing calls and text messages are $0.50 to send, $0.10 to receive so you will need to add extra funds to your account to be able to use your service there. Also, please be aware that while the plan comes with 3GB of high-speed data, you will not be able to use data services while roaming in another country with this plan.

        • miket

          Re: Receive calls while abroad

          Can't even "lowly" prepaid users make use of wifi calling?  If so wouldn't calls over wifi be billed the same as tho user were in U.S.?   

             Otherwise he could get a U.S. number from a service that would send calls (and receive calls) over wifi.  Vonage is the best known of these services.  IF one of these provides CF to overseas numbers - then you could forward calls from your Vonage type number for a few cents a minute to a first world cell number you could get cheaply.