alaska (907) area code?


    I live in Alaska and recently signed up for T-Mobile. I had an Alaska area code (907) with my previous carrier, but the number was not transferable so I had to get a new number when I signed on with T-mobile. I did this at a T-mobile store and was told that there were not any (907) area code phone numbers available, so I had to go with a different area code on my new phone. I would really like to have an Alaska area code for my phone number, since that is where I live. Is there any way to make this happen? Will any 907 phone numbers become available in the future? And if so, how would I go about changing my number?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: alaska (907) area code?

        That's kinda tough to answer sarahwalters. When we change numbers, we're only able to see what's available at the time you change it. Sorry about that. Have you reached out to our Care team recently to see if another number is available?

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        • magenta2996076

          Re: alaska (907) area code?

          Hi Sarah,


          I am almost in the same situation but haven't moved to Alaska yet.


          I'm planning ahead now and will be moving to Anchorage/Eagle River area within the next 12 months.


          Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but based on my research T-Mobile doesn't have it's own service in Alaska which means you would be using other carrier's networks constantly, if this is the case then T-Mobile would eventually cancel your account if you are 100% of the time using another carrier's network on a long term basis. I've read several stories about this happening to T-Mobile customers. Anybody have any knowledge of this?


          Can anybody clarify the T-Mobile coverage in Alaska?


          How is the service?


          I was actually going to switch to another carrier but I'd love to stay with T-Mobile if possible. I do use quite a bit of data and cell minutes due to my job.


          Also my VOIP home phone service provide (ITP Phone) doesn't offer 907 prefix phone numbers either, I guess 907 numbers are hard to get.