My hubby and I have the "Pay As You Go" plan and it seems the T-Mobile to T-Mobile isn't included in this.


    Hello everyone...I'm new to the community page but have been with T-Mobile for nearly 20 years.

    When my hubby calls me from his T-Mobile phone or I call him from mine, it seems not only do I get dinged 10 cents per minute but so does he, making it 20 cents per minute.


    Why isn't there or is there any way of rectifying this problem? Or is there a way of getting a "Pay As You Go" plan created that inludes this feature?


    I/we (hubby & me) truly feel that SPOUSE to SPOUSE (T-Mobile to T-Mobile) should be a freebie, especially those of us who have been loyal for so long.


    Thanks bunches

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