How to email MMS to phone?


    I'm new to T-Mobile, but I've Googled this question and read to use my phone number with as the address to send to my phone.

    Every time I try, it comes back with the 550 error.


    What am I doing wrong?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: How to email MMS to phone?

        Welcome, cterrian!  I have to say, I'm not sure exactly why you'd see an error here.  I just tested by emailing myself from my gmail account - and I tried both my regular 10 digit number (ex: and by placing a 1 in front (ex: and both of them came through!  It looks like we did have a recent outage with this system, but it's been marked as resolved and it definitely just worked for me!

        What email client are you using?  Have you tried with more than one email provider?  Also, if you haven't already, can you test with different content (maybe just a few words instead of a file)? 


        - Marissa

          • cterrian

            Re: How to email MMS to phone?

            I use Gmail. I was previously with AT&T, and created a contact called "My

            Cell phone" with the email This worked for years.

            When I switched to T-Mobile, I changed the contact email to


            This is where the problem started. Even though I changed the address, it

            would not work.  I've since deleted the contact and used

  , and it works now. Thanks for the update.



              • tmo_marissa

                Re: How to email MMS to phone?

                Awesome!  Not sure whether that was a timing coincidence or the contact hanging on to old memories, but either way, I'm glad to hear it's working!  Often when we have users experiencing trouble with messaging, we'll ask them to delete the contact entry and replace it - so you had great instincts for first-run troubleshooting.    Thank you for the update!


                - Marissa