When will the Apple Watch be available for purchase?


    I have called and spoken to 15 stores in my area, called Customer Support, checked the wearable tech page on the site and guess what NO APPLE WATCH TO buy. The Stores and Customer Support say we can order it but there is no estimated ship date, and we don't know why. I have asked Apple and have been told two different things, 1) You need to speak to your carrier about this matter. 2) We can not comment on any possible issues that may exist between a carrier and the company, we are sorry. You can always purchase the device directly from Apple.

    I think it is high time that T-Mobile give a valid response and answer as to why they are the only carrier not selling one of the most popular items to accompany the largest selling devices in the market. As a customer I feel let down and abandoned since all they will do is give us the run around and tell us "check the wearable tech page so that you can order it the moment it shows up again".


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      • v-ram

        Hi glgbtf79,

        No need to feel "abandoned" or any of that... but I can definitely understand the frustration.  The truth of the matter is that we (particularly at the store level, where you said you've called multiple times) have no control over what we get sent from Apple - or any manufacturer.  If there are negotiations between the two companies, that's at a much higher level - we literally find out we have those in-stock/available to ship the same time as customers. 

        I can tell you that, as of a week or so ago, we were told that T-Mobile is no longer carrying the  Watch as a product.  Why exactly that is, or if this is temporary - I don't know.  The increased functionality and popularity of the Series 2 has made it an incredibly difficult product for ANYONE to keep in stock, carriers, big box stores and Apple themselves included.  We're currently showing customers our Samsung and Fitbit alternatives, or directing them directly to Apple.com.


        As soon as we get any new(er) information, we'll do our best to get it out to interested customers ASAP.





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        • stevetjr

          glgbtf79  I understand the frustration but you have to be a realist. Of course T-Mobile would be selling it or have stock if there weren't a reason.  But understanding how business works especially in retail will tell you that there is more to the story but neither side will or can give you the answer you seek. 


          Here are possible or probably scenarios as to "why" you aren't getting the answer you feel you should.


          1) Apple put an unrealistic demand on T-Mobile to ship them more, like unreasonable cost or demand they don't sell a competitor's product or something else that T-Mobile just can't or is unwilling to do.  But neither side will or can throw the other under the bus because then any future relationship is damaged.


          2) There is a rumor there is an S version of the watch coming out so maybe T-Mobile blew thru their initial inventory but when they went to order more were made aware of the upcoming version so held off but of course can't say that if the next version hasn't been officially released.


          However, there is also a rumour that Apple could release a Series 2 'S' in March 2017, with the new S version adding extra storage options to the current Apple Watch Series 2 line-up, which although it has 8GB of storage most of that is given to the operating system, leaving just 2GB for photos and 75MB for music. With Apple's focus on music and images we think it's a logical step for them to offer more storage for this. We'd also like to see storage for apps - more on this below.

          3) Someone else bought up Apple's available inventory to keep the competition from having any, wouldn't be the first time that happened or just T-Mobile blew thru their allotment and are waiting for their turn in the production queue for their allotment.


          There are just a lot of potential reasons most of which they can't say why other than they don't have any stock.  You also mention "one of the most popular items to accompany the largest selling devices in the market" which of course you realize in the US (and globally) Android sells more?  Heck the iWatch still can't even stand alone without the phone being present like the S2 (with 3G) or S3 (with LTE) watch.