Customer care. DOES NOT CARE AT ALL!!!!



    First I just want to start by saying nothing is more important than nurturing relationships with your customer. It is a crucial part of growing a successful business.In these times of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important.



    Starting from day 1. I was a loyal customer of AT&T for 7 years. When I heard  some of the promotional offers , I called and spoke to a representative about switching because of hearing several different offers that could reduce my rate. She told me I didn't need to do anything to my phone to switch. Just pick a plan switch and when I receive the sim starter kit take it into a store and they would activate my phone. I made sure before I made the purchase there was nothing I needed to do to the phone and the phones would be covered under Tmobile insurance.


    When I received the starter kit I go into the store. A representative told me that I had to get the phones unlocked and referred me to one of his buddies that charged over 100 for each phone. When I told him I didn't want to do that and asked for refund. He told me that I would be charge for activating the 2 sim kits. Which I never had  phones  to put in. After telling him i wasnt going to pay for something that originally I was misinformed and I definitely was not paying for a phone I never had or received. He told me my only option was  to suspend my lines pay suspension fee and then when my phones were unlock, remove the suspension. After being in the  store for over hour. I finally got a refund.


    After a few weeks I got the phones unlocked for a lot cheaper and came back. Same guy (which I knew I should have picked someone else) who helped us originally activated our phones. I told him that I like my payments to be at the end of the month because that's when I get paid. He informed me after 30 days you could change your pay date for no charge. Just call customer care from your phone. He also informed us that we could also get on the jump program and get no money down. We also asked him about upgrades. He said pay your phone on time for 6 months and you can upgrade. He also told us that insurance was included in our plan.


    Long story short. Everything he told us was not true. Since I've been a Tmobile this store has a long history of giving inaccurate information. Everytime their excuse was that he was a horrible sales rep and they are not their. Good thing was that their was 3 very good reprentatives that we only trusted that we always went too. Bad thing is that 2 of them went to AT&T as managers. Luckily Anna is still at this location.


    Of course the exhausted list of misinformation caused a lot of problems.

    Since our AT&T phone was not covered under Tmobile's insurance we ended up having to paying a lot more than we expected.

    If we would have not been misinformed. We would have never paid to have them unlocked. We wouldn't have taken a loss(on our phones)by upgrading to tmobile phones just to get insurance.

    The purpose of getting tmobile phones was to have insurance. Which of course they didn't give it to us when we switched to tmobile phones. It took a act of God to go round and round and numerous phone calls. To finally get insurance.


    There is a long list of complaints that I can continue.


    But this one is the most upsetting.  Both of the phones have been having issues. The Galaxy note 5 I just choose to deal with because you take your chance with warranty exchange. Because your getting refurbished phones.


    But my wife's  iPhone 6 plus has been having problems. They sent the first phone and told her she had until March 10th to pick up her phone. They sent it back on the 7th. My wife works long hours so it's hard to get to the store before it closes. So the day she gets off early. They had already sent the phone back. Of course the employees and even customer care said they don't know why she sent it back. They said usually they send them back the 14th day. Well they sent it back the morning of the 14th day.


    So they rushed her another refurbished phone which as soon as she got was not working properly. People can't hear her and as soon as she charged it. The phone got so hot it burned her finger.


    Which leads me to customer service. Not once did any of the 6 people we talked to offer any kind acknowledgment of my wife's burn. Even after telling them I have picture. The only thing we were told is that the phone is on back order ( which we have been waiting for 5 weeks now) and we would get credited $5 because the we have to pay for another warranted phone.


    You should think of the consumers as individuals and try to address all their needs.  If you don't treat your customers as individuals, you will never be able to keep them completely satisfied with your services. Eventually, your business will find it difficult to maintain a solid customer base.

    Keeping existing customers is critical to the long term success of any business. In most cases, your customers have selected Tmobile instead of the competition. Majority made conscious decisions probably based on the product and your company. You should feel good about that choice and let customer know of your appreciation.


    At any moment,  and unhappy customer can share their opinion with the masses through social media and the web negatively affect your business. That's why it's even more important than ever to create excellent experience for your customers to help develop your company's relationship with them into love.


    Walt Disney said it best, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.

    Right now after being a long term loyal customer and all the headaches bumps and bruises. I don't feel appreciated or good about the choice.





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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Customer care. DOES NOT CARE AT ALL!!!!

        Yikes elijah422, this is absolutely terrible that we left you with this kind of experience. You made some really excellent points about how we should treat loyal customers like yourself, and we definitely fell short of high expectations we set for ourselves and our customer service. As painful as it is to read this, I appreciate you coming here and letting us know how we can improve. I feel really bad your wife was burned as well, and I hope she has a full recovery from the burns.


        As for the experience you had, I can't stress enough that this is just downright awful. I'd like to get some other info from you so I can have this reported to my internal folks. I want them to know what you've gone through. I sent you a private message you can get to through this link: Can you reply to that message for me please? My apologies for the headaches this has caused, but I can't thank you enough for sharing this, and calling out how we can do better.