Visual Voicemail Apple vs T-Mobile

    Since day 1 I do not receive missed voicemail notifications.  Provisioning has been set correctly, new SIM, settings are correct, notifications set to display.  Phone has been replaced once.  So I am ruling out the phone.


    Voicemails can only be deleted by toggling airplane mode and then deleting, then toggling airplane mode again.  This works as a workaround.  However, I do not understand why.


    I noticed that my line features include free visual voicemail.  That has now been disabled, but VVM still works, but still no badge or notification.  I can still manually check the VVM tab and VMs are there, I just don't know they are unless I check.  the VVM option is no longer visible within my line features page.


    How does VVM work on iOS?  If Apple includes it, why does T-Mobile offer it?  Apple has not been able to make sense of this and T-Mo has tried many times with no resolution.


    (Apologies for posting here.  Not a lot of followers in the iPhone Discussions (5 that I see)

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